A puppy mill in Georgia was treating pups and their mother inhumanely. Luckily, Releash Atlanta, an animal shelter, did everything they could to save the dogs there.

Meeting Jordan

The owner of the puppy mill was a licensed breeder. He sold thousands of puppies online. Fortunately, Jordan, a white puppy, was one of the dozens of dogs that were saved.

Foster families that were partners with Releash Atlanta all offered homes for the rescued dogs. Melissa, a volunteer at the shelter, was willing to take Jordan home with her.

Melissa has fostered over five hundred dogs. So when she saw Jordan, she knew she had to do everything in her power to help.

It was evident that Jordan has never been in a house before. He did not know how to walk up the stairs and jump on the couch.

The dog was malnourished and devoured his food as if it were his last. Melissa had to put a diaper on him since he wasn’t trained. Despite Jordan’s condition, Melissa was determined to help the dog become more comfortable and confident.

Five weeks after Jordan was rescued, Melissa noticed that the dog had made progress. Jordan started to trust Melissa and learned to play with the other dogs.

Forever home

It didn’t take long before Melissa decided that Jordan was ready to be adopted. Melissa posted his story online and hoped a loving family would adopt him.

Anne and Kinney was an old couple that had a dog named Bella. When their daughter saw Jordan’s story online, she knew her parents would love him.

The couple loved the idea of giving Bella a brother. They instantly contacted Melissa and set up a date for them to pick Jordan up.

Anne and Kinney drove to Georgia to pick Jordan up. They brought Bella with them to make sure that the two dogs would get along. Fortunately, Jordan and Bella got along instantly.

The couple was sure that Jordan would make a great addition to their family. They were determined to give him a life he deserved.

Watch the incredible story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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