London is home to more than just historically significant landmarks and architecture. It is also where some of the world’s passionate individuals live. That is why we shouldn’t be surprised that a cute Dachshund living in London has developed a passion, too.

Bosco, a 3-year-old Dachshund, lives the way that he wants to. He has a rule which is: bark gently and carry a large stick! We are uncertain whether the term “stick” is still applicable, as Bosco favors branches. This occasionally puts him in trouble.

Bosco’s mother, Ana-Luccia Iannucci Rodriguez, first noted her pet’s need to carry large branches when he was still a young puppy. Whenever branches fell from trees, he would rush to collect and carry them. Bosco also enjoys carrying items that pique his curiosity, such as umbrellas and tires.

The dog gets into trouble at times, especially when they visit dog parks. The branches he carries frequently obstruct the path of others. In fact, he almost struck a jogger and a child on a scooter at one time! Fortunately, both of them were unharmed.

None of the people he unintentionally blocked along the road appeared to be angry with the lovely animal. In fact, they were astounded by the small dog’s strength. Carrying such large branches is no laughing matter but he does so with ease and joy.

On his Instagram profile, Bosco’s brief video of carrying large branches has made hundreds of people smile. His followers react adoringly to every one of his adventures. Additionally, they send messages to support Bosco with this passion he has for branches.

No one, not even his mother, knows just why Bosco is so passionate about these large branches. Perhaps he just genuinely enjoys feeling powerful and also wants to exercise his muscles. Regardless, we still anticipate more branch-carrying adventures from you, Bosco!

Source: Bosco


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