Families whose dogs are missing are obviously losing sleep, fearing that they will not see their beloved pets again. But sometimes, pleasant surprises happen.

A Golden Retriever named Lulu went missing in Alaska. What made things more worrisome was the fact that she is blind. But in the end, the dog found her way home.

Read on to learn how Lulu was able to reunite with her family.

Three weeks without Lulu

It was mid-July when the blind Golden Retriever disappeared from her home. Three weeks passed before the Kubackis, the dog’s family, finally received some good news.

A construction worker in Sitka, Alaska, spotted the dog in the roadside brush. Initially, the worker thought that the blind pup was a bear. But upon looking closely, he realized that it was a senior dog who desperately needed help.

Being in the wilderness made Lulu lose 23 pounds. She was also dehydrated and dirty.

The Kubacki family was more than happy about Lulu’s return. Since the reunion, the dog’s health already improved. Sitka residents even raised funds to help cover Lulu’s veterinarian bills.

Ted Kubacki, Lulu’s fur dad, said that the dog meant everything to his family. His five daughters have always spent every day with the dog, thus forging a strong bond with her.

The netizens rejoice with Lulu’s family

The Kubackis’ reunion with Lulu was picked up by the local newspaper called The Daily Sitka Sentinel. The said paper shared the story on Facebook where it received more than 400 reactions and a couple of comments from the Sitka denizens.

One Facebook user sent his warmest regards to the Kubacki family and Lulu. Another said that she was invested in the story, as she also had a senior Golden Retriever.

Meanwhile, a third netizen somehow gave other readers a reality check. He said that Lulu’s case was preventable if the yard was fenced or the dog was on a leash when she was outside. May all dog owners remember this.

Source: Daily Sitka Sentinel via Facebook


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