Russell, Kkabul, and Crow were among 17 dogs used in dogfighting that were rescued. They were taught to fight and made to believe that they would not survive unless they killed other dogs. They led a miserable existence until the police seized them from their owners.

The trio proceeded from the dogfighting ring to the veterinary facility, where they received medical attention. Russell and Crow were more resilient, therefore, they did not need to remain for very long. However, Kkabul was in a fragile state. He required time to recuperate and regain his strength.

All three dogs continued to a city-based animal rehabilitation and training institution. They required assistance to overcome their trauma and start over. The only way to guarantee their development was to place them under the care of a dog behaviorist.

Russell and Crow were unaware that they had left the arena. They still brought with them their training in the dogfighting environment that they had lived in. They felt that they had to eliminate every dog that was in their way so they became quite hostile. Trainers attempted to separate them because they also wanted to fight each other.

Russell and Crow were trained to undo what they had learned before but they had to do this separately for a long time. Their handlers used other canines who did not reciprocate the aggressive behavior of the two dogs. It was a long shot for them both, but it paid off.

Meanwhile, Kkabul needed a different strategy. Unlike the other two, he was not aggressive. He was exhausted from fighting and avoided everything that reminded him of his horrific past. Instead, he wanted to simply sit in a corner and relax.

The trainers reconditioned the dogs’ minds and taught them to coexist without conflict. And after one month, they had made significant progress. Russell and Crow sat in the same room without even growling at one another. And Kkabul discovered how to enjoy himself while playing with pups and other dogs.

Kkabul, Russell, and Crow require more time before they can rejoin society. However, given their diligence and perseverance, it will not be long until they are really ready to move into their new homes.

Source: Kritter Klub


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