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We want to know what is wrong with our pets as soon as we observe that they’re not their usual self. We want to immediately take away any pain that they may be feeling. We’d go to great lengths to ensure the pleasure and safety of our beloved companions.

When the Lurcher Billy began limping, his owners rushed him to the veterinarian. However, Billy was found to be in great health. But what they discovered was that Billy was copying his father, who had recently gotten crutches. This trip to the vet cost Billy’s family over $400 since tests had to be done to ensure that nothing was really wrong.

It may have really been an expensive trip but the family was amused by their four-legged family member’s intelligence and sensitivity.

Russell Jones, Billy’s fur dad, had a foot that had been cast in plaster, necessitating him to use crutches. He limped when he would walk Billy, and the dog seemingly quickly caught up. It also limped. So when Jones observed this, he was scared about what happened to his dog.

Jones and his spouse hurried Billy to the veterinarian. After $400 in x-rays and tests, the veterinarian declared that Billy was healthy. They believed he was simply copying his father’s movements and showing him some empathy. Even though hundreds of dollars had been spent by the family, the reason for Billy’s limp was surprisingly heartwarming.

Jones captured Billy in action and uploaded the video to a Facebook page for Lurchers. Several dog lovers were moved by this clip, but others were skeptical. Some individuals could not believe that a dog could mimic a limp. Some even recommended that Jones obtain a second opinion on Billy’s condition.

While some viewers may be doubtful, it is probable that Billy is merely copying his fur dad and showing how he empathizes. Billy has been rumored to happily skip around the yard without a limp when Jones is not present.

Our pets watch out for us more often than we realize.

Source: Sky News Australia


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