It’s sad to see puppies being discarded at dumpsters or junkyards. It’s far too common to spot stray dogs in such places. Fortunately, some dog rescuers check these areas frequently just in case they find a dog that needs saving.

A puppy named Samu was malnourished when he was first found at a junkyard in Crete, Greece. A famous dog rescuer named Takis arrived at the scene to take the dog back to his animal shelter. He brought another dog with him to help him make the stray feel at ease.

The presence of the rescuer’s other dog, Zoe, made the rescue mission easier. Samu would have run away if Zoe was not there to make him feel safe. It was as if Zoe convinced Samu to trust the human she was with and follow him.

Samu did not have much strength to fight, so he allowed the rescuer to carry him. Takis placed the puppy in his car and admired how cute the dog was before heading to his shelter. When they arrived, Takis prepared bedding and food for the puppy.

Samu was shy at first and didn’t know what to do in his new home. He eventually learned to socialize and play with the other dogs in Takis’ shelter. After some time, he was ready to be sent to his foster parent.

When he was given foster care, he met two dogs that became his good friends. The two dogs, Mumia and Lola, were from the same shelter as Samu. However, they were separated after Samu was adopted by his current owner.

Samu is one of the many dogs that Takis has saved throughout his life. He continues to save dogs in Greece and help them find homes. Sometimes the dogs he rescues are sent overseas to live a better life. Find out more about Takis and all the dogs he’s rescued in the link below.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.


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