One may question the ways of the world after hearing stories of cruel people hurting innocent animals. Thankfully, there are still kindhearted individuals who are more than willing to help these poor creatures.

An abandoned pooch is now safe after reportedly being hurled from a bridge in New York. A group of firefighters and a Good Samaritan worked together to help the said dog.

There’s a dog in the water

In an Instagram post, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) said that its firefighters responded to a phone call about a dog that was thrown into the Harlem River. First respondents immediately went to the scene and found a kindhearted man holding onto the dog in an attempt to keep it afloat.

The Good Samaritan, identified as Instagram user @Slimshady0321, documented his attempt to rescue the dog through Instagram Stories. In one post, he shared that he saw the dog while he was at work. Another clip showed the arrival of the rescuers who would help him save the poor pup.

The FDNY detailed that the rescuers were able to bring the canine onto the vessel and take him to the shore. The said post even had pictures of a firefighter lifting the pooch from the water.

The netizens react

The FDNY’s Instagram post received positive reactions from the netizens. Currently, it has 11K likes and more than 300 comments.

A few netizens showed their interest in the pup, saying that they would adopt it. One commenter praised the FDNY for rescuing the dog. She even suggested that the team could turn the dog into the firehouse’s mascot, explaining that it deserved a better life.

One woman, meanwhile, expressed her pain and frustration over the dog’s unfortunate situation. She said that the person who hurt the pup should be locked up and charged.

Source: New York City Fire Department via Instagram


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