Some families whose dogs have been missing for a very long time usually lose hope that their pets will return home. But remember this: the chances of a lost dog reuniting with its owner may be slim but never zero. This is proven by a Yorkshire Terrier named Rex.

The said dog managed to meet his family again 11 years after his disappearance. Read on to learn more about Rex’s incredible story.

Spotting Rex

Earlier this year, an animal control officer named Michelle Carlos spotted Rex running loose. Once she captured the dog, she fed him and gave him a good bath. Then, she checked Rex for a microchip. Officer Carlos found out that the Yorkie belonged to a dog owner named Marzena Niejadlik.

Officer Carlos immediately called Niejadlik. She explained to the owner that Rex was with her. Niejadlik was understandably shocked. She told the animal control officer that Rex was stolen from her family more than 10 years ago in Boston.

When Rex went missing, Niejadlik said that they slowly lost hope with each passing year. Apparently, the dog held a sentimental value. Niejadlik got Rex to comfort her family after the passing of a relative.

Rex’s story was picked up and shared on YouTube by a local television station. On the said platform, the story received more than 3K views.

Rex is home

Rex finally met Niejadlik’s kids once he was home. The pup immediately received a warm welcome from his family.

Rex’s reunion with his family is indeed inspiring. But if there’s something important that you should learn from this story, that is to have your pets microchipped.

Remember that collars, tags, and harnesses can be removed from your dog. Even if the collar stays, the information may become difficult to read over time. But if your pup has a microchip, your contact details will be with your pet at all times.

Source: WCVB Channel 5 Boston via YouTube


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