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Have you ever seen your dogs get jealous? What do they do when they get jealous? This surely is something worth exploring and is quite an interesting one at that.

When I came across a video about a dog that seemingly got jealous over a stuffed toy, I became more interested in learning whether or not dogs truly experience envy and jealousy.

In the video, the dog’s owner was petting a stuffed animal that looked like a Golden Retriever and it was sitting next to the real dog. The real Golden Retriever sized up the stuffed animal and laid down in the same position as the toy, asking for the same attention from its fur parent. The owner did so for around two seconds before returning to patting the dog plushie.

When the owner went out of the room, the jealous pet bit and tossed the stuffed animal. Poor toy doggo! It seemed like he wanted to get the plushie out of the way so that his owner would give its attention to him and him alone.

In another scene, the Golden Retriever had the stuffed animal next to him and he just could not contain his anger. When his owner attempted to touch the stuffed animal, the dog began growling and baring his teeth. It was like he was telling his owner to back off and just pet him. He most probably believes that the plushie is not real so all forms of love and affection should only be given to the real doggo, which was him!

This should probably be a positive answer to those thinking if dogs can get jealous of stuffed animals. Yes, they do! And this is definitely legit proof. You may also want to try doing this to your doggos and see how they behave and react.

Source: South China Morning Post


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