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This story is incredibly fantastic and quite fabulous if you are a fan of boy wizard Harry Potter and are an avid dog lover.

Anna Brisbin (also known as Brizzy) lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a voice actress by profession and a super nerd. She owns Remus the doxie and is possibly the first dog in the world to own a spellbook.

Remus is not an ordinary dog, despite being the cutest miniature dachshund. He has learned to do all of his antics by responding only to Harry Potter spells.

What spells does Remus do? Read on.

Stupefy! This spell successfully knocks Remus unconscious.

Wingardium Leviosa! This is when Remus goes right up into the air. No other dog can do that!

Avada Kedavra! Brizzy would attack Remus with this deadly spell! We can’t believe she used the black arts on poor Remus. But we believe Remus is merely pretending and simply shows off just how good of an actor he really is.

Ascendio! Remus easily goes right up the stairs and straight into his bed with this very potent spell.

Descendo! With this spell, Remus is taken right off the bed.

Revelio! With this spell, Remus suddenly appears, seemingly out of nowhere!

Accio (ball)! Remus conjures his favorite ball before our own eyes. It takes a really good wizard to do this challenging spell.

Alohomora! Oh, this clever puppy can hurry right to the door and unlock it with a lot of ease.

Expelliarmus! This is a disarming spell and it really is not a good thing when Remus gets this spell. He simply cannot do anything when he is hit by this spell.

Engorgio! Brizzy is at it again with this aggressive dueling spell. Soon, poor Remus will be stuffed with all those delectable treats.

Confundus! Oh no! Remus is befuddled! Remus cannot help himself but spin around in circles out of confusion.

Source: Brizzy Voices


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