Two couples enjoying a boat ride five miles off the coast of Hernando Beach, Florida were shocked to see a dog all alone in the middle of the sea.

At first, they thought it was a buoy, as the white pooch was wearing an orange life vest. But when the boating friends got closer, they saw that it was squirming. That’s when they realized that it was alive.

Treading water

According to the boaters, the Jack Russel’s nose was sticking up in the air. He was trying desperately to keep his head from going under the water. And although he was wearing a life vest, the tiny pup looked exhausted. They didn’t know that he was treading water for hours already.

But as soon as the dog saw their boat, he had renewed energy and started swimming towards them. When the dog was close to the boat’s side, one of the men reached down and grabbed the swimming pooch. The dog then laid down for a much-needed rest.

They quickly got a towel and got the dog dry. At the same time, they also radioed the coast guard informing them of their amazing find. As it turned out, someone reported a dog that went overboard three hours earlier. It was no wonder that the dog was tired.

Thankfully, he was wearing a life vest. The flotation device was the only thing that kept the dog alive that day.

Return to owner

The kind boaters quickly went back to land and dropped the dog off at a coast guard station. There they met the dog’s owner. He was so grateful that his dog was found and relatively safe.

According to him, he went inside his boat to fix something, and when he went back out, his dog was nowhere to be found. He tried to look for his pet, but it was nearly impossible to spot the small pooch in the vast ocean.

Fortunately for him, fate guided the boaters near his dog that day.

Source: Fox 13 News


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