Some swear that there is no greater love than what a dog has for his or her family. They are extremely very loyal creatures and would do anything to protect their pack. That is how dogs see their family – they are their pack.

And Haus, a two-year-old German Shepherd, is no different.

Best friends

The DeLuca family from Tampa Bay, Florida, adopted Haus from the local shelter. They have just lost their previous dog, and they wanted to fill the void that was left.

From the moment Haus set foot in his new home, the lovable dog was a big hit. He was instantly loved by the family, especially the two kids, Molly, age seven, and her brother Joey who was four years old then. Even their other pet dogs welcomed the newcomer wholeheartedly.

All of them became best friends and would play regularly. Little did they know that the bond that they were forming would soon pay off.


Two months after Haus was adopted, he and Molly were playing in their fenced-in yard. Her grandmother was with them, sitting and watching from a distance. Then suddenly, Haus gave out a small cry and jumped a bit. he then started snapping at something in front of him.

The dog yelped two more times after that.

It turned out that a venomous Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake attacked him three times. The dog saw the serpent and got in front of Holly to protect her. They rushed Haus to a vet immediately.

High cost

On the way to the clinic, Molly’s mom called and informed them of what happened. When they arrived, they gave the dog several vials of anti-venom. They also kept him in the clinic for observation. Thankfully, Haus recovered, but his kidneys suffered damage from the venom.

The bills for his treatment kept piling up. But the DeLuca family did everything that they could to help their dog survive. He is their hero after all. They started a fundraising campaign, and they were able to surpass their goal.

The family is so grateful for the generosity that so many people have shown. With their help, Haus was able to go home and fully recover. He is now back to his old lovable self.

Source: ABC News via Youtube


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