A dog named Winnie arrived at a farm sanctuary called Charlotte’s Freedom Farm at only six weeks old. And this was after his previous family realized they couldn’t care for him because of his developmental issues.

When rescuers first took Winnie in, they thought only his front legs were underdeveloped. But it turned out that his sternum didn’t also develop properly. Thus, this dog’s heart and lungs are not adequately protected, and he needs to undergo thoracic reconstruction surgeries.

Because of his condition, the farm sanctuary needs to limit Winnie’s activities. Poor Winnie could no longer play with other dogs as it’s too risky. The staff felt sorry for the pup — but that was until Wilma arrived.

Wilma is a piglet taken in by the sanctuary after she assumingly jumped out of a livestock truck.

Wilma is sweet but can be sassy. If any member of the staff picks her up, the piglet screams very loud. She also loves jumping on the couch.

Wilma and Winnie became friends the moment they met. When they see each other, they go into play mode instantly.

The rescue piglet plays with Winnie differently than other dogs; thus, it’s safer for the pup to play with her. Still, the staff keeps a close eye on the pair while playing to ensure Winnie’s safety.

The two also play outdoors; however, the piglet is more focused on searching around for insects. Meanwhile, the pup is content with sitting while watching Wilma when they are outside.

Although Wilma and Winnie seem like unlikely friends, they are both adorable and perfect for each other. Hopefully, their friendship continues, even after the piglet outgrows the pup.

Undoubtedly, people love seeing the pair together. Soon, Wilma will weigh more than 300 kilos; thus, it will be fun to watch her and Winnie grow.


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