There are days when most of us would rather spend our entire day snuggled under our blankets while watching our favorite TV show on Netflix. However, we need to get up and go to work, and getting that motivation to get out of bed is hard to get. We do have to force ourselves to go to work to earn that money so we can pay for the comforts that we enjoy.

However, it’s not only humans that experience the lack of motivation to go to work. Even working animals, such as dogs, can be stubborn and refuse to go to work unless they get something in return. One police dog gave his handler and partner a hard time one morning. The hilarious video was recorded by Cassie Costin, which showed her husband, Officer Ryan Costin, struggling to get his K9 partner, Jango Fett, inside the car.

Jango Fett probably didn’t want to go to work since it was perhaps one of those cold days where he would rather spend the entire day at home sleeping and playing. As Officer Costin opened his patrol car to let Jango Fett in, Jango Fett did something hilarious. Instead of jumping into the car, Jango Fett decided to lie down on the grass.

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Jango Fett didn’t want to go to work. No matter how many times Officer Costin tried to tell Jango Fett to jump inside the patrol car, Jango Fett refused. So, Officer Costin had to do something to convince his partner that they need to go to work.

Since telling Jango Fett to jump in the car didn’t work, Officer Costin tried a little positive reinforcement. Officer Costin knelt beside Jango Fett and started giving him belly rubs, which Jango Fett happily accepted. After a few seconds of belly rubs and some words of encouragement, Jango Fett felt motivated enough to go to work and proceeded to jump inside the vehicle.

To everyone’s delight, the adorable interaction between Jango Fett and Officer Costin was recorded by Officer Costin’s wife, who could be heard laughing in the background. Jango Fett’s little Monday morning blues video went viral and had everyone laughing. Here’s the adorable video of Jango Fett refusing to go to work unless he got some belly rubs from his partner.

Video Source Viral Thread via YouTube


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