Robert Altermoser left his home to rescue stray dogs roaming the streets of Bulgaria. For two straight years, he volunteered in different shelters from different countries in East Europe. Before long, he came to realize that what he really wanted to do in life was to help animals in need.

While he continued to do volunteer works, Robert made sure to keep all of his money. A year later, he had enough funds and started Everydaystray. Since then, he and his friend Neil have helped more than a couple of dozens of homeless animals find homes.

Robert and Neil go on routine searches regularly. They often find dogs in abandoned buildings, empty fields, and run-down houses. And not too long ago, they found a horrible place where dogs and puppies lived.

In the middle of nowhere, Robert spotted a dog. When it saw him, the pup ran away and hid in a torn-down house. The place was inhabitable and there was no visible source of water or food.

When the friends went to investigate, they saw four puppies roaming around and three adult dogs chained up in different corners. They were all skinny, dehydrated, and famished. But despite the awful state they were in, none of them showed any sign of aggression.

Robert spoke with the police and they agreed to let them take the dogs off the site. He and Neil came back the following morning with a cutter bolt and travel crates and started to free up the dogs. They drove them straight to the vet for medical care.

The puppies were surprisingly in perfect shape. It didn’t take long and they all found new homes. Two of the older dogs were also adopted in no time while the senior one stayed with Everydaystray because of her medical needs. But later, she too left and joined her new family.

Credits to Everydaystray


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