Faith was found lying by the side of the road, completely motionless. When rescuers spotted her, they realized she was hurt. She had two broken legs and she was in absolute pain.

No one ever knew exactly how long Faith has been in that situation, but it was clear that she needed urgent help. She was so skinny and filthy. She most probably hasn’t eaten for weeks until volunteers from Releash Atlanta picked her up.

The vets performed X-rays to determine the extent of the dog’s injury and the result was astonishing. They revealed that Faith had 2 broken femurs. There’s no saying how it happened, but everyone believed someone may have intentionally hurt or she was probably in a very bad accident and never received medical care.

Faith spent a few days gaining weight and strength. Later on, she underwent surgeries, one after the other, to fix her broken legs. Once she was well enough, she left the hospital and joined her foster mom Melissa.

From the very beginning, Melissa knew that it won’t be long before Faith finds her new home. The dog was so sweet. She always wagged her tail and gave anyone kisses. She’s just so gentle with her foster siblings, dogs and humans alike.

Soon enough, Faith was ready for a fresh start. A lot of people wanted to adopt her but Releash Atlanta wanted to make sure she ends up in the right home. In the end, a woman named Kathy seemed the perfect fit.

Kathy’s dog died a year ago. She was still mourning but she believed it would be easier for her to move on if she has another dog to love. And when she met Faith, she knew she was meant to be with her.

Faith’s legs healed just fine and her broken heart has mended. She walked into her new home and made herself comfortable right away. She knew it was the start of her new life, one that’s way better than her past.

Credits to Releash Atlanta


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