The Heuwetters, co-founders of Six Harbors Brewing Company in Huntington, New York, created an innovative method to deliver their beer to their customers in the midst of the pandemic. They are aware that training dogs to carry items is a common trick. So the pair reasoned, why not teach their two golden retrievers the same trick?

They’ve become known as brew dogs, and nearly everyone has come to love this adorable duo. Six Harbours Brewing Company’s Barley and Buddy help their owners distribute beer cans to consumers door to door. The Heuwetters made a container that held four cans of beer and was worn around the dog’s necks like a collar.

However, they clarified that they only hung empty cans and would never do anything that might harm their dog. The couple would always put on their gloves and face masks before dropping off the beer to the customer’s residence. While Buddy and Barley would wait patiently for their clients to arrive.

Most of the people didn’t mind the dogs. And almost everyone wanted to take a picture with them. The dogs, without a doubt, bring joy to the people stuck inside their house during a coronavirus lockdown while also helping the brewery earn money.

It didn’t come really as a surprise when the dogs also helped increase the popularity of their business online. According to the Heuwetters, their dogs are their unofficial greeters since 2018, and they’ve learned to welcome their clients with warmth. There’s no denying that these two gorgeous golden retrievers have an irresistible charm.

They often spread happiness by running door to door with beer cans hanging over their necks. Although New York City is under lockdown, the adorable pair continue to provide joy to the city’s residents. Hopefully, even after lockdown, we’ll see a lot more of these dogs.

You can watch the full video here.

Credit: CBS Mornings


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