Despite the fact that dogs and humans are obviously different creatures, we both have feelings. Unlike humans, dogs cannot fully comprehend the world, but they do have emotions. This cute dog is a wonderful illustration of this.

Prior to being rescued by a woman named Alexa Moore, Luna lived in a shelter. And once they got to meet, the two had grown extremely close over the course of a year. However, their bonding time is unlike anything we’ve all ever witnessed.

They enjoy nothing more than snuggling on the couch and binge-watching movies all day. And strangely, the dog is already a confirmed TV addict at the age of nine months. In fact, Alexa revealed that among all of her dogs, Luna was the only one that preferred watching a movie over strolling in the park.

Luna enjoys watching movies and becomes very depressed when watching the animated movie “The Lion King”. Among the films they have watched, “The Lion King” by Disney was by far Luna’s favorite, a great proof that the animated film is a true classic.

Alexa became aware of the dog’s fascination with the film after observing her odd behavior every time a Lion King trailer appeared on television. That was when she decided to whip up her Disney+ app and eventually put the movie on play. The moment Simba stepped on the scene, Luna was instantly intrigued. She was so captivated by the movie that her nose was touching the screen!

The highlight of the dog’s Lion King viewing, though, was Mufasa’s terrible death scene. The tearjerker moment made Luna’s ears perk up. She felt Simba’s anguish and terror as she huddled closer to the iPad and pawed at the screen. It was as though she was comforting Simba in her own tiny way.

Luna was also crying and was clearly becoming more emotional than anticipated. It was safe to conclude that Luna was moved by what was happening.

Source: Alexa Jade


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