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Perhaps you have seen this video of Blossom’s incredible journey before, but this is the first time I have encountered her, so I wanted to share it with you – just in case you haven’t yet. It is a very remarkable tale of persistence by a man named Rocky Kanaka that helped Blossom undergo an awe-inspiring metamorphosis.

Blossom is a rescue dog. We don’t know much about her past, but we can assume it was tragic, much like other rescue dogs’ pasts. When Rocky rescued her from a hoarding situation, she was a wreck – fearful of everything, including humans, loud sounds, the water dish, and even the sun. She seems to tremble in fear about everything.

Rocky, however, did not give up. He would coax Blossom out of her secret hiding hole under the table, where she sometimes stays for days. He also had the brilliant idea of constructing a shelter for her in her hiding place. He replaced the table with a small bedroom for her and it became her haven.

Blossom began to emerge from her shell after she got her safe haven. In six weeks, she started to drink from the communal dog water bowl for the first time. She even leaped onto the sofa to sit next to Rocky for the very first time!

She also began to accept the other rescue dogs that Rocky would bring home. She checked them out fearlessly and then made them feel welcome.

It took her three months to comprehend what love really was, but she eventually did.

She would leap in excitement and run around the yard wagging her tail with the most contagious enthusiasm you will ever witness. Blossom started shaking her tail with joy for the first time in her three years of existence.

Rocky’s diligence, insight, and tenacity really paid off. Blossom is finally ready to get her forever home and she has certainly earned it.

Blossom has finally blossomed.

Source: The Dodo


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