The coronavirus pandemic altered and continues to alter the lives of numerous individuals. One of these is Wilfred Vega, a resident of South Daytona, Florida, as he recently confronted his worst nightmare last spring. Wilfred’s mother died because of the disease at the age of 81.

She was admitted to the hospital because of COVID-19, but her condition continued to deteriorate. Wilfred found it difficult to accept this reality, even more so when she passed. He was unable to continue with his life and had difficulty preparing for the upcoming holidays.

Despite his sorrow, he considered that his mother would have wanted him to continue living. So to help him, he looked for a rescue dog to adopt.

Tonka, a Pit Bull, lived at the Orange County Animal Services facility for over seven months. During those months, Tonka was adopted twice, only to be returned for various reasons.

The dog was taken to the shelter for the first time after his family abandoned him. It took the puppy some time to feel at home at the shelter. However, the staff ensured that his stay was comfortable until he finds his forever family.

Dianne Summers, manager of the Orange County Animal Service, remarked that Tonka is a charming dog but he wanted to be the only puppy in the family, and this is the reason why he had a difficult time finding a home. The dog also has heartworm, which discouraged potential adopters.

Wilfred was pulled to Tonka after learning his story and recalling that his mother would have wanted him to do the right thing. He was willing to share his home with someone in need of assistance during these challenging times. So he drove nearly two hours to meet the dog.

Wilfred and Tonka did not experience the spark that most individuals feel when they find their forever family upon their first meeting. They appeared to not get along. In fact, Wilfred had a connection with another dog, but he knew who he came for and still chose Tonka.

When Tonka arrived at Wilfred’s house, he quickly felt at ease due to the toys and bed from his new fur dad. The dog felt better and began to show Wilfred his amiable side. They also started to bond, and Tonka helped Wilfred manage his loss, for which he is grateful.

Wilfred stated that having Tonka around has increased his energy and happiness. He believes that he is now prepared to decorate for Christmas and face the world once again.

Source: Orange County Animal Services


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