Rocie Hernandez is a California native who got concerned when her neighbor died after battling cancer. Her neighbor left behind a dog, and for two months, nobody took care of the chihuahua mix. She tried approaching the little dog, but he was too scared to get close to anyone. So she just left him some food.

The tiny pooch frequently stayed under the house and would only eat when his neighbor left. Rocie would observe him from afar, and she started noticing that the dog walked with a painful limp. As the weeks passed, she saw that his limp was getting worse. As there was nothing she could do, she called a rescue group for help.


Two experienced female rescuers arrived, and Rocie pointed out where the dog was hiding. They started their rescue attempt by securing the entrance using a plastic fence. One of the ladies crawled under the house to coax the dog out. The other rescuer was waiting by the hole with a large net.

As the nervous pooch tried to get away from the rescuer who went in, he darted out of the only exit. The pup was met there with a net that quickly trapped him. The scared dog tried to gnaw his way out, but it was no use. The rescuers, along with Rocie, moved the dog inside a cage then carried him off to their car.

Twisted collar

Their next stop was to a vet clinic. Along the way, they named him Clifford. The vets discovered that the dog was able to slip one of his short front legs through his loose collar. The tough material started digging through his armpit, and the more he moved, the deeper the lesion became.

The medical team removed the collar and cleaned the wound. Clifford was then given some antibiotics and much-needed painkillers. The rescue pooch was then transferred to a foster home.

Free from pain and his distrust for humans gone, Clifford became a frisky and loving dog. He loves running around and playing with other dogs. He will soon be available for adoption.

Source: Hope for Paws via Youtube


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