When all that you have had is a miserable life, it is almost impossible to see brighter days ahead. That was the case of Arkin, the dog who spent his whole life at the pound and who had probably thought he would never be out of that jail-like shelter anymore. Until one day, Howl Of A Dog, a non-profit animal rescue organization, took the poor dog out of that pound.

When the rescuers first saw Arkin, he was in bad shape. He was underweight, had many fleas, and had bruises all over his body. The worse part was he was not only suffering physically but mentally as well. Although the volunteers were trying to help him out, he would ignore them, resulting in the team’s double efforts to gain his trust.

When the team succeeded in getting him out there, they brought him to the veterinary clinic for check-ups and treatments. He was fed and given a warm bath so his fleas would go away together with the dirt and filth in his fur. Rescuers were happy that his sadness went away quickly afterward.

His recovery period was fast, and that was because he started to be loved right like what he always deserved. He began to look like a whole new dog after being sent to the organization’s shelter. Since he was no longer behind those bars, he started to run around freely like any other dog, eat delicious meals, and sleep in a comfortable place.

Arkin had a wonderful time in Howl Of A Dog’s care before he found a loving family from the United States.

Watch the video below for Arkin’s story when he was still inside what many would call a prison and how he got taken out there.

Video credit: Howl Of A Dog via Youtube


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