Mia, the dog, was a chihuahua who had the worst life imaginable. She was abused and neglected by her owner.

As if it wasn’t enough, her owner showed no interest in getting her treatment when she was diagnosed with an infected uterus. What more could she inflict to this young and fragile pup?

One day, her owner miraculously brought her over to a vet clinic. It seems as though Mia was already in critical condition and was on the verge of dying.

Mia’s health was declining, and there was no other way to save her but to do an emergency surgery despite knowing that the owner wasn’t interested in paying the bills. Just when they thought that everything would be alright, Mia needed to get a blood transfusion.

Naturally, they needed to tell the owner about the progress. But when the owner knew about it, she sneaked Mia away from the hospital.

The vets from the hospital were so worried about the poor pup that they called animal services to check on her. It turns out, the owner wasn’t feeding Mia properly and was waiting for her to die.

The officers immediately retrieved a lethargic Mia and rushed her to the San Jose Shelter. There they found out that the poor dog lost so much weight and became severely anemic.

For weeks, the vets made sure she’s well-fed. However, their efforts were rendered unsuccessful when Mia wouldn’t eat.

So, they tried feeding her in a tube. But it wasn’t working as well. It would later be found out that she would only eat food if she’s being hand-fed.

While still on the mend, Mia slowly developed a personality. She became a snuggly pup. She would hide under a blanket and sleep on her rescuers’ laps.

As soon as she was ready for a forever home, she finally found one after seven months of intensive care. Enjoy your life, strong pup!

Meanwhile, for her ex-owner, the services already filed criminal charges against her. We hope she gets punished to the full extent of the law.

Thanks to Tails of a Shelter Vet for the photos.


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