Dogs have a reputation for being clingy. They will follow you everywhere, and they make sure that you will never be out of their sight. They take pride in being overly attached to their humans, which you may find adorable and endearing.

You may think that this particular behavior is quite annoying at times. However, you should be thankful that your canine friends never want to leave your side. It just proves how loyal they are to you.

Honey is an excellent example of an adorably clingy dog. He’s a golden retriever that always stays true to the definition of “clingy” — to the extent that Jin Tao, his owner, becomes uncomfortable.

Honey the clingy pooch

Honey liked sleeping in Jin’s bed even if he was already big. More often than not, Honey’s need to be next to Jin put his human into uncomfortable sleeping positions. Jin would usually end up being pushed to the corner of his bed.

Jin explained that Honey had been clingy since he was a puppy. He would always need Jin to be by his side while he fell asleep.

Because of this, Jin decided to build a bed for Honey. It was a small crib-like bed that could be easily attached to Jin’s bed. However, Honey still ended up “spooning” with Jin until he squeezed his owner to the farthest corner of the bed.

Honey the traveling dog

Honey was Jin’s constant companion for three years. Their life together started when Jin picked him from a litter of four puppies.

Honey was not just a clingy dog. He was also Jin’s trusty travel buddy.

Once, the duo had traveled Tibet by just walking. Honey even had his own backpack complete with food, drinks, and even a raincoat. Their trips together had attracted millions of followers who were always waiting for their next adventure.

See more of Jin and Honey’s adventure through this video:

Video Source: South China Morning Post via YouTube


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