Bella is a Rottweiler who was given up to the Humane Society of Cittenden County. Her family had given her up because they could no longer afford to care for her. The sad reality was that Bella needed expensive surgery to treat a torn CCL.

The Humane Society took in Bella with open arms, knowing that all dogs – animals, in fact – deserve a second chance at life. After having taken in Bella, the Humane Society gave her the surgery that she had always needed.

After the successful surgery, Bella was made available for adoption. The Humane Society figured that it would help Bella recover quickly if she was taken in by a loving family because, like us, undergoing such a drastic procedure has taken a toll on the hapless dog.

Little did the Humane Society know, a miracle was about to happen that would change Bella’s life for the better. They have always known that Bella’s family had given her up, but as it turns out, it wasn’t the last time that Bella will see her family.

As fate would intervene, a woman saw a posting about Bella that was making the rounds on social media. The Humane Society shortly received a call from the woman who thought that Bella was the dog she lost during a messy divorce two years prior.

As it turns out, Bella was indeed Jenn’s missing dog! When Bella was given up by the family that she unconditionally loved, she ends up finding the family that she lost all because of a custody battle.

Wouldn’t you say that fate had brought the two back together? Bella and Jenn had a heartwarming reunion that was thankfully captured on camera.

Watch Jenn’s emotional reaction as she was finally able to hug and pet with her own two hands, the dog that she lost years ago through a divorce.

Source HSCCVT via Youtube


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