Judy Obregon of the TAO (The Abandoned Ones) Animal Rescue has a very odd hobby. She leaves her home early in the morning and drives around Echo Lake in Texas for hours. She searches the area, and while she hopes to see nothing, she finds a dog in need of help most of the time.

Some neighbors find her weird. They keep asking why she had to leave her house at 4 a.m. And if they must know, Judy explains that’s when it usually happens. It’s when people leave their unwanted pets out on the streets.

The surrounding area of Echo Lake is a known dumping ground for unwanted dogs. Almost every day, there’s at least one abandoned pup in the vicinity. A lot of people find it a perfect place to dump animals and leave them to die.

Callie was one of the dogs Judy rescued from the lake. When she met her, she thought the dog was injured because she walked with a limp. But as she looked closer, she realized her legs were fine and she had no wounds. She was terrified, she realized.

Judy spoke with Callie in a very calm voice. She assured her that she’d help her and then loaded her in the car. From that moment, the dog stayed by her side. She was so happy to finally leave that place.

Jila, like Callie, was also one of Judy’s many rescues. She’s a Chihuahua dumped by the side of a busy highway. If not for her rescuer, things may have ended up tragically for her. But because Judy found her, the dog’s life completely changed for the better.

Judy admits rescuing an animal is never an easy task. But it brings her joy. It’s the one thing she’d keep doing until she no longer finds an animal in need.

Credits to The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue


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