A dog named Kuzya spent his entire life with his dad, who was a security guard at a parking facility. They stayed at the premises of the said business most of the time and only went home during weekends. Each of his dad’s colleagues know him, and when his dad died, they did not hesitate to take him in.

The parking facility became Kuzya’s new home and the workers became his new family. He was lucky he didn’t become a complete orphan and he didn’t end up on the streets. But while the security personnel cared for him well enough, he still got sick, and it was something no one could have prevented.

The 18-year-old dog grew a tumor on the left side of his body. As time went by, it also grew bigger and bigger. It didn’t stop him from being able to move and continue watching the cars in the parking lot, but it sure gave him so much pain and discomfort.

Without the capacity to bring him to the vet, the workers sought help and connected with the charitable group Love Furry Friends. They explained what the situation was and rescuers immediately came to help. They secured the dog and took it straight to the animal clinic for evaluation.

The vets examined Kuzya right away, and they revealed that he needed to undergo surgery at the soonest possible time. They had to further examine the tumor, too, to determine whether it was cancerous. They prepped the dog and went ahead with the procedure once everything was in place.

As a senior dog that needed anesthesia, Kuzya was at great risk of not waking up again. But thankfully, everything went well with the surgery. He woke up fine a few hours later, and he looked so much better.

The security guards begged the rescuers to return Kuzya once the surgery was over. They were so eager to reunite with him, but he yearned more to be with them. He said hi to each of them once he was home and then proceeded to check the vehicles inside the lot.

The rescuers visited Kuzya a month later, and they were happy to see him happy and healthy. They knew they made the right decision to help him and let him go back home once he recovered.

Credits: Lover Furry Friends


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