Don’t you love it when dogs become so comfortable with their families that they feel like they are also humans? Well, dogs are very adaptive and usually copies what their owners do. They are pretty smart, so it’s easy for them to learn to do things that we typically do.

Raising a comfortable and happy dog is easy. Feed them, spend time with them, play with them, give them attention, and never hurt them. A comfortable dog is a happy dog. In this case, the comfortable dog made his owner and the rest of the world laugh.

This is Watson. He is a five-year-old white Boxer who’s so comfortable with his family that he seems to think he is also human. He doesn’t chew on his owners’ shows – he wears them. There’s a short video clip as proof.

Watson is a trained service dog. Unfortunately, he has an autoimmune disease that keeps him from doing what he was trained for. But his disease never stopped him from bringing joy to his family.

One day, Watson’s owner bought home a new pair of Crocs for himself. Watson saw the new pair of shoes and couldn’t help but to try it on. He slipped his paws in and started walking. He walked as if those Crocs were perfect for his front paws. Good thing his owner caught it on cam.

I’ve seen dogs being dressed-up and wearing shoes – dog shoes. But I’ve never seen a dog slip into and walked using human shoes. Now, when I see a Crocs footwear, I remember Watson.

The original video was posted about three years ago and resurfacing now. Why? Probably because Watson has a new video. He’s wearing a different pair of Crocs this time, and he’s outdoors. I guess Watson’s owners – and Watson too – are fond of Crocs.

I hope Crocs designs footwear for Watson. That way he’ll have his own Crocs and won’t be borrowing his owner’s shoes. The dog’s got shoe game.

Credits to via YouTube


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