When you are a soldier, more often than not you will get deployed overseas for a long period of time. You serve your country and live everything behind. Which gets lonely and scary at the same time. The soldiers from Alpha Company 1/121 Battalion though had a companion who helped them go through their deployment. It is a canine they named Bear who became their instant friend.

The Alpha Company got deployed to Afghanistan. They first saw Bear wandering around an area near their camp. They wanted to help him out, so they gave him food on some occasions. And that is how their amazing friendship started.

Bear was not allowed inside their camp so the soldiers would take turns checking on her. They would bring him food, some water and even play with him. Bear somehow helped them keep their sanity in the middle of the war zone. He also helped ease the loneliness and brought them joy in his own little way.

Time moved by so quickly though, now they only have seven months left. They are looking forward to seeing their families but most of them are worried about what will happen to Bear once they are gone. So, they came up with an idea to take Bear home with them. A lot of them even volunteer to provide a permanent home for him.

Taking Bear back to the United States is not an easy thing to do. A lot of papers need to be filed, and they need to obtain permits too. Bear would be required to take a vaccine and will be quarantined as well. Overall the process will take time and is quite expensive. So, the soldiers asked an organization called Nowzad to help them raise funds for Bear.


Now the soldiers are still pooling funds and doing their best to take Bear home with them. They are hoping for the best and wishing the process will finish quickly. Once Bear arrives in Georgia a lot of doors are open for him.

Credits to 11Alive


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