Two sisters from the state of Georgia do not hesitate to extend their help when it comes to helping homeless dogs in their area.

Sisters Megan Wedge and Sarah Dalton have hearts for helping dogs in need. They will never think twice to extend their assistance to the dogs that they meet on the road.

Megan was alerted by a couple of men about a Labrador Retriever-Hound mix wandering near her office. The said dog was nursing a leg injury. She immediately approached the dog to assess her situation.

Megan owns a rescue dog too, so she knows the feeling of the dog being helpless.

She brought the dog home to bathe her. Megan also removed the ticks to relieve the dog from itching. She also sought help from the Internet to help the dog find a home. As much as possible, Megan did not want the dog to end up in the shelter.

Thankfully, Sarah, Megan’s sister, wants to take the dog with her. However, she is living 700 miles away from her (she is in Quakertown, Pennsylvania). Sarah and Megan agree that they will meet in Virginia for the dog, which is about a five-and-a-half-hour drive from Dalton, Georgia (where Megan lives).

Later on, Sarah named the dog Izzy. She promised that she would love and take care of the dog for life.

Sarah brought Izzy to the vet for further medical assessment. However, due to COVID-19 safety protocols, she was left outside the assessment room. She couldn’t comfort Izzy while the medical check was ongoing. It was heartbreaking to know that Izzy had suffered from gruesome abuse in the past. Izzy had dislocated hip and leg abrasions, an indication that she might have been hit by a car.

It was also found out that Izzy had been shot multiple times by buckshot (hunting ammunition in pellet form).

However, it was not all bad news about Izzy. The vet told Sarah that she was carrying nine pups inside her womb! It was a miracle that all nine dogs survived despite what Izzy experienced at the hands of evil people.

Izzy gave birth to nine healthy puppies. Being a mom helped Izzy to recover from her traumatic past. Later on, all of her pups were adopted and placed in loving homes.

For her dislocated hip, Izzy needs to undergo a special surgery which costs around $4,000. Sarah is currently raising the amount at GoFundMe. She is determined to give the best to Izzy no matter what it takes.

Thank you, Megan and Sarah, for giving Izzy a second lease in life!

Photos courtesy of Sarah Bauer via Facebook


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