Two dogs were fighting for their lives when they fell into the freezing water of a New York Reservoir. They were trying very hard to swim to the safer side, but to no avail. That was until a courageous passer-by saw what was happening and did not have second thoughts and jumped right into the icy water.

The man, named Timofey Yuriev stripped down to his shorts and dived to save the two pups with his golden retriever by his side. He cut a path through the ice right into the way where the dogs were fighting to survive on Irvington Reservoir, New York. Because of the track made by Yuriev, the two dogs were able to swim their way back to safety.

The owner of the dogs could not do anything more but to wait patiently and anxiously as she watches the rescue unfolding in front of her. She said, “I am the luckiest person today!”

The brave savior Yuriev, was not new to the freezing water as he is from Siberia. He mentioned, “In Siberia, we experience the worst kind of weather, so we have to prepare ourselves and our people for it.” He even shared a technique that activates a pressure point in the arm that makes him capable of staying warm in the cold water which also activates the nervous system.

He even asked someone from Inside Edition to try it and took him to the water where he encouraged the volunteer to control his breathing. Yuriev’s technique was put to the test, but it turns out it takes a lot of practice to do so.

Thanks to the heroic act of Yuriev, two lovely dogs were, saved, and their owner was so grateful. Yuriev’s act of braveness inspires us that we can also be heroes in our ways.

Story and video from Youtube.


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