All dogs are different, but that doesn’t make them less perfect. Because of their adorable and loving nature, there is nothing in this world that can make doggos look bad. There will always be someone who can love them and take care of them for the rest of their lives.

So when a dog named Bean didn’t have a great start in life, another family came along to help her. The poor doggo was thrown out of a car like trash by her previous owners. A witness was able to go to the dog’s aid and brought her to the vet.

Eventually, the family that rescued Bean decided to adopt her and welcome her into their home. They saw how different this doggo was from other dogs. She only had three legs, one eye, and one eardrum. This made her look like a cute bat but that didn’t stop her new family from loving her.

Bean has a tough fighting spirit and has even become the official guard dog of their house. She just continues to move forward and doesn’t let her dark past bring her down. This doggo knows she is now in safe hands, and no one can ever hurt her again.

Despite going through a lot because of her condition, Bean continued to be a source of joy for her family. She made everyone at home fall in love with her amazing personality and positive energy when she came along.

She makes everyone laugh because of how she can be such a goofball at times. Whenever there is food, Bean will surely be there lurking and waiting to surprise you. But other than that, she also loves to just relax and cuddle with her hooman.

Bean is so lucky to have found a family who was there to save her right when she needed it. Even with her special needs, they were there to help her and guide her every step of the way. Finding her forever family indeed made her life so much better and brighter.

Video Credit: GeoBeats Animals


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