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Rescuing dogs from South Korea’s dog meat farm is never an easy feat. But volunteers from the Humane Society International (HSI) are doing their best to stop this meat trade. For them, this practice is not only archaic but also anti-dog. The volunteers are working day-in and day-out to prevent this kind of dog abuse.

Recently, the group has brought more than 100 dogs to the United States to have fresh start a life. The dogs may have been in a disadvantaged position previously, but they could still start a new life.

HSI partnered with several animal shelters across the country, where these dogs would seek temporary shelters. HSI will then ask the volunteers from each animal shelter to talk to potential adopters for these dogs. Some of the target places where the dogs will be brought to are New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, and Maryland.

According to HSI, of the 100 dogs, 60 had been rescued in a single dog meat farm. The rescue also happened on a single day of May. It was a delicate rescue operation, but the volunteers managed to pull it off through other animal rights groups’ assistance. The dogs rescued are in good shape and are given the attention they need.

Since 2017, the volunteers have already worked their hardest to rescue as many dogs as possible. They sought help from different individuals, who then formed groups, particularly for this cause. Ever since the groups started with this cause, they have helped over a thousand dogs receive the kind of treatment they deserve.

Out of the thousands the organization helped, almost half of this has been brought to the US. Some dogs have already been adopted while others are waiting for their lucky day. Some dogs are in foster homes as they expect a family to take them for good in a new environment.

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