An unnamed woman was walking down the street when he noticed a dog dragging his body around the neighborhood. The stray pup kept on barking for food and looked so pitiful.

The lady thought that the stray Pit Bull named Thor was going to die, but fortunately, he did not. The woman immediately contacted The REAL Bark animal rescue when she saw that Thor was trying his hardest to survive.

This Pit Bull Is Pure Magic

People said this pittie would never walk — until they met him 💚

Posted by Pittie Nation on Monday, March 9, 2020

Thor’s rescuers admitted that they do not know what happened to him. However, they believed that Thor spent all his life living in the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, because of how severe his condition was.

The shelter workers decided to go to all the veterinarians that they could talk to, and everyone told them to put Thor down. The doctors said Thor would never be able to walk even if he lives.

The shelter employees believed Thor is a determined dog because he managed to survive to live in the streets dragging his whole body just to beg people for food. They knew that Thor would eventually walk, so they decided to take care of him.

The shelter workers spent the first nine months rehabilitating Thor’s health. They started working on Thor’s legs when they saw that Thor’s well-being improved drastically.

Lea and her co-workers made sure that Thor regularly attends his physical therapies. Everyone was so shocked to see that Thor was getting so much better, so they decided to buy Thor a doggy wheelchair.

Lea shared that everyone thought that Thor would never be able to walk despite having a wheelchair. Lea said that they were going to put Thor for adoption because he has already come so far.

Lea recalled that Thor suddenly got out of his kennel and started walking on his own. Lea shared that she could not believe how far he has come and ended up adopting him for good.

Source: Pittie Nation via Facebook


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