A man walked into the doors of Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) to surrender a brown Pitbull. He claimed that he found it on the streets, wandering around under the heat of the sun. But when he handed over the leash to one of the workers and walked away, the dog whimpered and tried to follow him.

It was clear that the man was the dog’s owner. He didn’t want the dog anymore so he decided to relinquish it to the rescue center. Thankfully, the staffers were happy to take the dog in, and they named it Wilma.

Wilma was heartbroken for a very long time. She didn’t understand why she ended up in a shelter. She used to have a home and a family, which she lost instantly.

Potential adopters came and met Wilma. They adored her, but all of the time, they left with another dog or puppy. She was looked over more than several times, and it only made her feel more depressed.

The dog thought she’d never find a loving family again, but she was wrong. When life partners Sheryl and Nancy learned about her, they wasted no second. They immediately drove from Atlanta, GA to New Orleans, LA to meet her.

The meet-and-greet turned out so well. Sheryl and Nancy adored Wilma right away. If only possible, they would have taken her home that same day. After all, she liked them a lot, too.

VRC workers did a home check and found the things the couple did to ensure Wilma would be safe and comfortable in her new home. They placed new fencings in their yard, bought two doggy beds, and furnished a separate room for the dog’s use alone. Sheryl and Nancy’s house was meant to be Wilma’s new home.

After waiting for quite a while, Wilma is finally home. She loves Sheryl and Nancy to the moon and back, and they feel the same way toward her. Together, they will spend their days as a happy family.

Credits: Villalobos Rescue Center and Animal Planet


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