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Nyebe, a one-year-old black toy poodle, served as a guard dog at the Batasang Pambansa Complex where the vote canvassing for the recent Philippine national election took place. She was part of the tight security team alongside the Philippine National Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Canine Group (PNP EOD) that roved inside to make sure that the complex was clear and there were no threats.

Aside from roving the general premises, Nyebe and other guard dogs were tasked to sniff the ballot boxes transported in the complex of explosives. This was Nyebe’s first time on duty but she definitely nailed her job in securing the safety of the premises.

According to her handler and owner, Police Executive Master Sergeant Jovilyne Bautista, Nyebe is currently undergoing training to become a bomb-sniffing K9 dog. Her training started when she was just two months old and she was specifically trained in the area in preparation for the job. So for the past months, she was brought to the complex to do the daily standard sweep with other EOD dogs.

Sergeant Bautista also added that the reason why they chose the place was to establish Nyebe’s familiarity and strengthen her confidence in sniffing every corner of the premises.¬†And in just a few months of training, Nyebe is already familiar with the different explosive odors and can effectively detect and track explosive devices.

Nyebe was trained by Sergeant Bautista herself who also trained in the basic dog handler course and a team of instructors in the EOD. The initiative to train new dogs like Nyebe is to augment the number of K9 dogs in the unit. Currently, there are only five dogs and the unit needed more to function more effectively and efficiently.

Being an EOD dog and a public servant sure isn’t easy but Nyebe makes it look so effortless.

Source: Inquirer


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