It’s challenging to live by yourself, but it’s even more challenging not to have anybody around to care for you.

From what locals said, Kkam was abandoned by a boat on the other side of this dock. She lived alone, hungry, and cold for months.

This warm-hearted mister saw her by the docks and gave the dog his hand – then some food and water. From then on, Kkam faithfully followed her friend.

Kkam doesn’t take food or water from other people – she only takes them from the kind mister. When Kkam’s friend’s at work, she follows him around and never leaves him.

It became a routine until one day, the kind mister didn’t show up as scheduled. Kkam waited patiently on this spot on the road.

We feel you, pet – thank you for finding it in your heart to trust, even with the least commendable experience with other humans.

Kkam knows that the kind mister will come back, so the dog never tires of waiting. When she spots him on his motorcycle, the pet jumps up and excitedly runs toward her friend.

The kind guy maintains the street’s cleanliness, and Kkam goes with him – he says he feels more energetic with the pet around, and he’s thankful for her.

The street sweeper even prepares a bed for Kkam to sleep for the night – he places his gear next to the pet so that she won’t feel alone while he’s gone.

Can we just mention how pure and kind this hooman’s heart is? No wonder Kkam’s loyal to her friend.

The crew shows footage of what Kkam’s like when her friend leaves her alone – the kind human and his wife couldn’t stop their tears.

They decide to adopt Kkam, and we bet that nobody feels more ecstatic than Kkam herself. Bless you, ma’am and sir!

A quick check with the vet shows that Kkam’s relatively healthy, and now that she’s adopted, we know that epic adventures await!

Photo and video credits to Kritter Klub via YouTube


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