A teenager wanted to prove something to his friend. He was told that it’s impossible to take a photo of all his dogs in one frame. He has 16 adorable Dachshunds, by the way.

If you’re a fan of random, cute things, then you will probably love this photo spreading all over the internet today. It’s a picture of 16 Dachshunds who are patiently sitting on the stairs.

These adorable sausage-like creatures lined up so perfectly. They look like they were all posing for a class picture or even a magazine. But, some netizens are wondering, how did the owner do it?

Some people may think that the photo could have been edited because it’s impossible for all the dogs to remain on their spot. However, the photo is raw, and it merely shows how patient these dogs are. Lottie, Benjie, Duke, Saffie, Kizzy, Bonnie, Buster, Wallie, Duke, Ruby, Kiki, Daisy, Ziggy, Diamond, and Sammy are all obedient after being told to “stay.”

According to Liam, the dogs’ owner, his friend, Catherine, told him that he couldn’t pull off the perfect shot with all the dogs. He simply took the challenge, and he asked her to bring some chocolates if he was able to do it.

Liam held a tennis ball to help him get the dogs’ attention. That’s also how he managed to get them all to look at the camera. He managed to take the photo after eight minutes.

Is it really that simple? When Liam posted the photo online, a lot of people are wondering what he did to pull off the adorable photo. Liam said that it’s just the power of a squeaky ball over the pups.

Liam was amazed to receive a lot of positive feedback for his photo. He also mentioned that there are times when some people judge him because he owns a lot of dogs. But, now, he only gets lovely comments regarding the dogs, especially, the photo that he’s posted on social media.

The 19-year-old boy is a graduate of animal management. No wonder, he can handle that many furry pals. Aside from the ones in the photo, he also has another dog named Jess, a black Labrador.

Liam mentioned that his family breeds wiener dogs. They help each dog find the perfect owner and home.  It’s fun to live with all the dogs, but when one gets adopted, it’s still a bit difficult for Liam and his family.

Hopefully, Liam posts more photos of his adorable dogs. People will definitely love seeing shots of these beautiful pooches. It brings happiness to whoever sees it.

Thank you to Liam Beach for this beautiful photo.


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