Along a highway with a slope on one side, a concrete box culvert was built to protect motorists from excessive stormwater. This structure formed a wall with weep-holes designed to relieve pressure when there’s too much water. People living nearby noticed an animal that kept on emerging from one of the 10-inch weep-hole on the wall.

The animal caught the people’s attention

Some residents tried to catch it, but it ran too fast and quickly jumped back to the hole. One day, curious residents decided to find out what was the elusive creature. A resident investigated the opening and what’s behind it. For now, the concrete channel was dry, with a lot of debris lying around. But it had more than enough space for a small animal to move around.

A camera captured a dark silhouette moving around the tunnel. The animal was about 18 inches long and quite slim. Now that they know that it’s a dog, the volunteers set up an observation post across the road with a clear view of the hole. After quietly waiting for some minutes, a dog’s head emerged from the opening.

When the volunteers approached the dog, it quickly retreated into the hole. Large cargo trucks and fast vehicles pass by this part of the road. Not a safe place for a dog to roam around. The residents decided to report the presence of the dog to an animal protection group.

Calling for help to save the dog

A team from the animal protection group came. One of them went on top of the hole and waited for the animal to come out. The other team members were ready with nets to capture the dog. After patiently waiting for hours, the dog finally went out of the opening.

The one on top jumped from above and covered the hole to prevent the dog from escaping. The rest of the team came and captured the animal with their nets. A veterinarian was there to check the condition of the dog. It was in great shape since the people nearby fed the dog regularly.

The rescuers turned over the dog to the grandma, who frequently left food at the opening. She happily accepted the dog and promised to raise and cherish it well.

Special thanks to Kritter Klub via Youtube for the image in this story.


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