A couple was getting ready for a trek to a waterfall in Washington state when they spotted something. At the trailhead was a black and fluffy dog. The dog looked somewhat content, so there wasn’t much to be concerned about.

Scoot Brown, the husband, even joked about it being a bear to his wife. Fortunately, it wasn’t the last time they encountered him.

When the couple started the seven-mile trek, it seemed like a great idea to the pooch. The unknown dog decided to join the couple and serve as a guide.

The dog led the couple and even waited for them when they took some photos of the area. To the couple, it seemed that the pooch understood their dilly-dallying.

Upon having reached the waterfall, Brown took some pictures with their new canine guide. And it was about that time that he took the chance to get to know the friendly dog.

Brown then saw the note on the tag of the dog’s collar. It says that the dog’s name is Smokey and that he lives nearby. The message requests not to take the dog and states that Smokey likes following hikers sometimes. On the reverse side, it gives reassurance that Smokey goes home when he gets tired and that his family loves him a lot. The message ends with a thank you.

The couple felt lucky then that Smokey had decided to follow them. And after their stopover, the trio trekked back together. Once again, Smokey led the way.

Not long after, the couple and Smokey returned to the trailhead where they had first met. The trailhead is such a short distance from where Smokey lives. It is the perfect place for a dog who loves to hike.

The dog stayed in the trailhead parking lot until the two were by their cars. Smokey calmly walked away and presumably toward his family’s home.

Credits to Scott Brown


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