Training a puppy is like raising a human baby. That’s how Adelaine Morin feels in raising her puppy, Blue. The moment she saw Blue, she knew that her life was going to change.

Taking care of a dog so small was very nerve-wracking for Adelaine. When she got Blue, Blue was very tiny and looked so fragile. She felt that she needed to be careful because she might hurt him.

Since Adelaine had Blue, she tries to document all the first that she can think of. His first bath, first playdate, everything.

Like any parent potty training their child, it was also very challenging to potty train a puppy. Adelaine had to clean up after Blue quite a few times. It was a long process for both Blue and Adelaine.

Thankfully, Blue did learn, and Adelaine does not have to clean after him as much. Adelaine is very proud of Blue and every progress that he reaches. She documents Blue’s every milestone.

She would post Blue’s cute moments on her social media. She’s like a proud mom showing everyone her amazing dog.

Adeline feels that Blue is a little human because he does act like one. Blue would run away when he does something naughty, and his mom would find out about it.

Blue even has his defiant adult face. There are times that he would refuse to follow his mother’s commands. He tests his mom’s patient sometimes. Like any mom, she still loves him unconditionally.

She loves Blue’s little quirks, his imperfections, and everything about him. When they go out, Adelaine puts Blue on a carrier just like a baby.

Adelaine feels like a mom, and she is not complaining. She loves the responsibility of raising Blue. Adelaine loves that there are a lot of things that she has learned from him. She has grown as a person by taking care of Blue.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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