Ermioni Giannakou of DAR Animal Rescue received information that someone dumped a young dog inside the yard of a power supply company. No one saw anything but people knew the poor pup needed help. It was urgent that he receive medical care, so the rescuer wasted no time.

Employees of the power company waited for Ermioni’s arrival. They realized the puppy’s eye was injured and they wanted to make sure he got the help he needed. So when the rescuer arrived, they showed her where the puppy hid.

The rescuer estimated the puppy to be around 2 ½ months old at the time of rescue. He was a bit underweight for his age and had an eye infection that required immediate medical care. He also had hundreds of ticks and fleas swarming him.

Ermioni’s heart broke when she saw the puppy. She promised to help him. She crawled under the bush and gently carried the puppy out. It was the signal of a new life.

From the yard, the rescuer took the puppy straight to the vet, where the little guy immediately received medical care. The vet staff also worked together to remove the ticks and fleas from his body. They administered pain meds and gave him food afterward.

The puppy stayed at the clinic for days for close monitoring. The vets wanted to make sure his eye healed well and there were no complications in his health. And while he recovered, Ermioni took the time preparing his little kennel at the shelter.

Ermioni took care of the puppy and showered him with kindness and love. She kept him company all the time and never let him feel alone. And once he was ready, she helped him find his new home.

Pretty soon, after all the necessary arrangements, the puppy left the shelter and joined his new family. He was so glad to finally have a home with a huge yard. He was so grateful that he finally got the life he deserved.

Credits to DAR Animal Rescue


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