What’s a mother dog going to do if she is eating and her puppies want to feed too? It’s a frustrating situation for both the puppy Mama and these little doggies as none of them can eat. The hungry puppies won’t stop following their mother as they wanted to drink milk!

Round and round they go

The mother dog was trying to eat the food placed in a large bowl while the puppies annoyed her. The mother dog began to move clockwise to avoid the pups, but these little dogs followed. These dogs went around the bowl using it as a pivot point! It was a puppy pinwheel!

A dog has got to eat

This feeding time became a fiasco instead of the feast. As the mother dog was hungry, she had no milk to give. Since the persistent puppies would not stop following her, she ran away as a diversionary tactic, and they still followed.

Playful and persistent puppies

A puppy can be persistent, and when there are more puppies, the difficulty level in handling them increases. There was a brown puppy that leads the other pups. The pack behavior in these little dogs was apparent. These puppies also moved to show their collective action, and it became impossible for the puppy Mama to deal with the lot!

Taking a break

The video ended when the mother dog was able to break away. The puppy Mama seemed like she gave up because she ran away. However, this mother dog was training her puppies by making them know by her leaving that she did not like their behavior.

It is funny how the mother dog reacted to her getting hassled by the puppies. These hungry hounds did bother the mother in such a persistent manner that it might make many hu-moms agree that it is time to for the mother dog to take a break!

Source: PetTube – Planet’s Funniest Animals|YouTube


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