You’ve probably learned by now that dogs have unique personalities. They’re not all the same, and although many dogs who belong to the same breed exhibit similar behavior, this is not always the case. Plenty of dogs have their own quirks and unusual mannerisms.

Sometimes, these unique quirks pave the way for them to find their forever homes. One such case is the case of Angela. Before she got adopted, she spent a long time at the Detroit Shelter. One thing that people noticed about her is that she always carries her food bowl.

Youtuber Rocky Kanaka noticed this as well. At first, he thought that the pittie was just hungry. So Rocky baked her a muffin that was safe for dogs to eat. Sure enough, Angela gobbled up the treat when Rocky gave it to her. No surprise there as dogs will usually eat every time you feed them.

However, when he returned to Angela after a few moments, Rocky saw that the pup was carrying her food bowl again. This time, he understood that this wasn’t hunger, but rather fear. This was a defensive mechanism for Angela as she probably was abused before being rescued.

Rocky tried to use the quirk to Angela’s advantage. During an event, he would tell visitors about Angela’s unique behavior, hoping that it would be enough for them to adopt her. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work out. This cute pit bull was actually facing some medical conditions that would require thousands of dollars to be treated. This greatly affected her chances of getting adopted.

Luckily, Paws for Life rescue group started a fundraiser for Angela. They were able to collect enough donations for the pup to receive treatment. Once her medical problems were addressed, hundreds of people applied to adopt her. Now she is with Trisha, her new mom. Trisha shared that Angela is a loving dog who likes to play, and despite being abused in the past, she is very calm and friendly.

Credits: Rocky Kanaka


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