First on the list of the three super dogs from the UK is a rescue dog named Louie. Louie had been neglected by his previous owner which caused him to lose a leg but thankfully, he was given a second chance by a woman named Karen Ethier. And he definitely returned the favor by saving Karen’s life as well.

As the story went, Louie had been headbutting and nuzzling Karen’s chest multiple times as if alerting her of something. And then when she got it checked, it turned out that Louie detected a lump which was later on diagnosed as stage three triple breast cancer. Karen then immediately underwent several treatments from chemotherapy to radiotherapy and surgery. She survived and it was all thanks to Louie’s amazing detection skills.

For the second super dog, meet the 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Chico. And just like Louie, Chico was gifted sharp detection skills that also saved his owner’s life.

Chico’s owner, 23-year-old Levi Carter, visited a hair salon to get her hair dyed from brunette to blonde. But things went a bit sideways after the application of peroxide bleach as Levi felt her scalp burning. The stylist quickly washed off the product to prevent any further damage to Levi’s hair and she was immediately transported to the hospital to treat her third-degree burns.

But when she came home from the hospital, Chico kept on sniffing around the wounds on her head and wouldn’t leave her alone. And so, she decided to get herself checked again at the hospital and that was when she found out that her wounds were infected. If it weren’t for Chico’s relentlessness, she might not have made it alive.

Last but not least is seven-year-old Scooter, a Poodle mix with a blue Mohican. Initially, Scooter was trained to provide support and comfort to stroke patients and terminal ones but there was no longer space for him at the pound. He was supposed to be put down until 48-year-old Met Police Kirstie Coy-Martin adopted him. Kirstie was suffering from PTSD after years of child abuse and she knew she needed someone to be with her.

Kirstie who is also an avid surfer discovered that she could also bring Scooter with her. And so she first got Scooter to be familiar with the board through treats and cuddles and then after that, they progressed to make him comfortable with water. They first tried dog paddling pools before they jumped to shallow waters and now to the seas and the oceans. Kirstie is definitely happy to have Scooter with her while she rides the waves.

These dogs have definitely given their owners, not just a second chance in life but a good one at that.

Source: Mirror


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