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Most dogs have a passion for water. Because of this, they become excessively thrilled when you take them to the beach. And if you luckily have a pool in your backyard, they will enjoy swimming in it.

But what will dogs do if there is no body of water nearby? Some will, however, make do with what they have.

Just take this Dachshund named Ember as an example. She attempted to transform her water bowl into a swimming pool. Her misbehavior has even made her a viral sensation.

In a TikTok video that went viral, Ember was seen attempting to fit himself inside a water bowl. However, when she managed to curl up inside of it, the water container fell over.

However, Ember remained unfazed by the embarrassment. She attempted again despite the presence of a West Highland White Terrier that was watching her.

The video concluded with a view of Ember squeezing into the tiny makeshift pool. I guess she really did try her best to fit herself inside of it, even if it was a bit uncomfortable.

TikTok users have become obsessed with Ember. Ember’s cute video went viral. Currently, the video has received more than 19 million views. It has received 2.7 million likes and 79.5K shares. Additionally, there are over 19k comments.

One comment, complete with a teary-eyed emoji, advised Ember’s owner to buy her a pool where she could really fit herself. Another commenter suggested that Ember was actually gently requesting a larger swimming pool from her owner. A third user of TikTok saw that the adorable Dachshund was attempting to act like a Labrador.

A fourth Internet user observed that Ember’s antics were actually her endearing method for staying hydrated. One TikTok user praised Ember’s owner for posting the video because it brightened her day.


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