Local animal rescuers Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte received a call about an injured dog. The Good Samaritan who contacted them said that the animal had already been lying in one spot for hours. The rescuers knew this didn’t bode well, so they immediately went to the given location.

Eldad and Loreta spotted the dog behind some hedges they arrived. The food and water containers placed by its side both looked untouched. The animal also didn’t try to escape or even just get up when the rescuers approached.

Just to be sure though, the rescue partners boxed the dog in with portable plastic fencing. Loreta then used a gentle snare to secure the animal. Seeing that the dog accepted the snare easily, she replaced it with a Lucky Leash to make it more comfortable for the animal.

Eldad and Loreta then urged the dog gently to its feet. Not wanting to aggravate any injury it had, Eldad decided to use the crate instead of walking the animal to the rescue vehicle. Loreta successfully led the injured dog safely into the cage.

The rescuers decided to name the male Golden Retriever Antonio. They realized straight away that Antonio needed urgent medical care. Eldad and Loreta quickly loaded the crate containing the dog in their vehicle and hurriedly drove to the hospital.

On their way to the medical facility, Eldad called ahead to Dr. Antonio Pedraza, one of the local vets. The rescuer wanted to make sure that the dog gets examined as soon as they arrive. Dr. Pedraza met them once they arrived and immediately went to work on Antonio.

The vet checked the dog for broken bones and fortunately found none. An ultrasound, however, showed that the animal bled internally. Dr. Pedraza rushed Antonio to surgery and successfully saved the animal’s life.

Afterward, Antonio fought through and in no time completely recovered physically. He then moved in with local foster care The Little Red Dog. A short while later, Antonio found his new fur mom Erna Van Dyk and became a permanent part of her family.

Credits: Hope For Paws and Eldad Hagar


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