For many dogs, bath time is a fun and relaxing activity. However, not all pooches actually want to get wet. As such, dog owners may find it challenging to bathe such pets.

An Alaskan Malamute named Phil is one of the many dogs who will do anything to avoid bath time. Not even a jar of peanut butter can convince him to hop into the tub.

Here’s Phil’s amusing story.

Phil doesn’t want to take a bath

In a video uploaded to a YouTube page called Life with Malamutes, you can see that Phil dreads taking a bath. In fact, he spends the video’s first half avoiding the bathtub. There is even a point where he just sits and stares at the wall, pretending that his family isn’t around.

Phil crawls under the sink, hoping that his family will eventually leave him alone. The best that he can do is place his paws on the side of the tub.  He gives his family a pleading look, evidently begging them to spare him from the horrors of bath time.

His fur dad appeals to him with some peanut butter. Phil licks the delicious treat off his dad’s fingers. Although he seems to enjoy it, he knows that he should not fall for such tricks. He then continues staring at the wall.

Finally, Phil got into the tub

Ultimately, Phil’s fur dad has managed to get him into the bathtub. But the dog starts whining and sulking.

The patient pet owner points out to Phil the dirty water that is flowing from his body. This only proves that he desperately needs a bath.

Phil is already soaking wet and wants to shake off the water. But his dad stops him. Instead, the dog whines and then shimmies his whole body up and down.

Meanwhile, the family cat has been watching the whole drama. She probably feels lucky that she does not have to take frequent baths like Phil.

Source: Life with Malamutes via YouTube


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