Digging holes is just part of a dog’s DNA. They do this to cool themselves down, hide bones, or just to simply entertain themselves. But not all dog parents approve of their pups digging holes in the yard, and rightly so. It’s messy, unpleasant to look at, and their doggos will get dirty.

So, if something is prohibited, some puppers just try to do it when their humans aren’t around. That is exactly what the pittie in this viral video thought. She was thinking, that if her human is away, then it’s the perfect opportunity for her and the husky to dig holes in the yard! As if their humans wouldn’t blame them afterwards.

Nevertheless, the mischievous mutts did as they planned. They dug several holes in their human’s yard, for reasons only known to these doggos. Unfortunately, their human caught them red-pawed and he’s got the evidence recorder on his camera phone!

What made this clip famous, however, is the Siberian husky’s reaction. Once he realized that their human was back home, he tried to tell his pittie sister to stop digging. Unfortunately, the pittie was so focused on digging that she even tried to bite the husky for disturbing her.

The husky approached their human as if he was trying to delay him from discovering what they are doing. Then he went back to his doggie sister, and it seemed like he was trying to push her away from the hole! Unfortunately, she wouldn’t listen and continued to dig the hole as if her life depended on it.

Once the pittie realized that their human caught them, she walked away from the evidence as if nothing happened. She also had a very guilty look on her face. She knew she was in trouble! If only she had listened to her husky brother!

Credits: RM Videos


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