Hope For Paws is a famous dog rescue organization founded by Eldad Hagar. A civilian called the team about a small homeless dog that recently gave birth to three puppies.

Rushing to the school

The team arrived at the school campus with cheeseburgers to help gain the dogs’ trust. They first spotted the mama dog by a tree, and then the three puppies separated from their mom by a barrier and a fence.

Dottie, the mama dog, was scared and tried to run away, but they couldn’t let her go because of the three newborns. Eldad finally caught up to her and captured her with the help of a net.

Dottie tried escaping the net by running around and biting on it. She finally calmed down after five minutes of them petting her, and that’s when they took her out of the trap and put their lucky leash on her.

The puppies were then rescued next. The first one they pulled out from behind the barrier was a girl named Ivy. The second and third puppies were both boys, which they names Timon and Pumbaa. The rescuers noticed that the female pup looked like she wasn’t healthy.

All the rescued dogs reunited and were taken to Eldad’s car. They rushed to the hospital to get Ivy examined, and the doctor confirmed that Ivy had severe hydrocephalus, which meant she had fluid in her brain.

Heartbreaking news

Because Ivy was in agonizing pain, they decided to put her to sleep. Dottie looked heartbroken as she snuggled with her baby girl one last time.

After a few weeks, Eldad and Lisa brought Dottie, Timon, and Pumbaa to their new foster family. The two puppies grew up strong and healthy and were waiting for their new families to adopt them.

Watch this heartwarming video here:

Video Source: Hope For Paws via Youtube


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